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Kibby Welding, LLC

Safety is our Number One Priority

Safety is our primary priority here. All of our employees undergo several hours of training to prepare for the tasks required. They are certified and experienced in specific areas. Every crew that we have has a supervisor who is highly experienced with the task at hand. Each job site is required to complete a Job Hazard Analysis Sheet each day of work to be checked over by a supervisor to ensure the safest working conditions possible. We conduct safety meetings at least once a day with our employees. We are current members of ISNetworld and follow all required safety procedures, and then some. We are a drug and alcohol free workplace, and all of our employees are tested upon hiring and on a random selection basis.

Kibby Welding's policy is that all employees be provided with a safe and healthful place of employment. Each of our employees are well aware of our company's safety rules and policies and understand that they are responsible for following the rules at all times.

Safety Manual

Safety Manual

Substance Abuse Program

Safety Precautions Taken

  • Safety Meetings Taken on a daily basis.
  • Job Hazard Analysis Sheets completed after each job every day, signed by each employee on the job site.
  • Job Hazard Analysis Sheets revised by a supervisor so that any job hazards can be addressed and taken care of immediately
  • On Site Training
  • Specific Task training